These are folks you used to know…

Dr. Steve Sloan currently teaches at TCU in Fort Worth,TX. with Kika and Clara. Craig (Slippy) MacNeil passed away in 2012. We love him and miss him.

Shaughn Ziech lives and works near Salt Lake City with wife Stephanie and daughter Jessica.

Joe Hittner lives and works in the Bay area and still hates cats.

Mark Spearman is still in town and visits often.

Jon Potter lives with son Adam and pushes ink in his new shop! Check him out at Evolution Tattoo in Reno.

Bob Amata (Vinnie the Rocker) is in Reno and visits often.

“Dirty Tom” Hawkinson lives in Montana and we saw a wife and family..

Nathan Tibbals is married, has his first child, and has a movie produced. Look for” The Watering Hole” at soon.

Dave Calkins is now owner/operator of Discology.

Holly Jacobson lives in Reno and is teaching locally.

Lindsay Marshall teaches in Chicago and helps kids that have been jailed by their parents… or employers.

Dylan Sherwood moved back to New Zealand to be with family and is currently working at a bookstore near Wellington.

Austin Anderson is teaching and has now reverted back to DJ Dongaloid..

Matt Kendig looks much more clean cut than this hesher.

Chris Payne is on the air at KRZQ FM. Outstanding!

Chris Hubbell says FU to everyone here.

Pearl Ormsby is teaching locally and still helps out once in a while.ian 1Ian still resides in Reno and shreds regularly

It doesn't suck!