Some may call this a hall of fame, others as a rogue's gallery. Either way, here's our current batch of reprobates… For former employees, check out our Alumni page.

Paul Doege

The big cheese, head honcho, our revered leader, you get the picture, blah blah blah…

Nickname: Some call him Stash, but most just call him “Paul”
At RR since: 1980
Musical Likes: Peter Gabriel, XTC, Kate Bush, 70's soul and glam, New wave
Musical Dislikes: Horse songs, and post '90 rap or soul
Favorite LP Cover: Monty Python's “Instant Record Collection”
Turn-ons: Lingerie, a sense of humor, comic books, older well-kept ladies who have my last name…
Turn-offs: People without a sense of humor, and anyone who doesn't show common courtesy…
If I Had $10 Million I Would… Travel, spend, try to make some sort of difference ..and play golf until I bleed…
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Eric Jacobson

He Likes Cereal
Nickname: Earrake, Hercules Skeleton, Rambo Finkelstein
At RR since: 1986
Musical Likes: Scraping, Squishing, Smashing, Creaking, Crash!
Musical Dislikes: Herbert Gronemeyer, Focus w/PJ Proby.
Favorite LP Cover: Nebula “Atomic Ritual”
Turn-ons: Crooked teeth and females
Turn-offs: George W.
If I Had $10 Million I Would…

Have my sex changed twice…

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Mike Ward

Leads the league in hits, insults, and “86's”

Nickname: Satan, Prince of Darkness
At RR since: 1988
Musical Likes: Punk rock '77-'86, 60's Garage, Old C+W, Rock and Roll
Musical Dislikes: Rap and pretty much ALL new music
Favorite LP Cover: Spinal Tap “Smell the Glove”
Turn-ons: Girls in tight sweaters, a good hockey fight, Jane Wiedlin
Turn-offs: Girls with penises, “Alternative” rock, Me
If I Had $10 Million I Would… Have everyone killed…still.
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Michael Moberly

The Back Room Kid

Nickname:  Michael Moberly (Legends Need No Nicknames)
At RR since: 2009
Musical Likes: Anything To Make Love To Your Old Lady To
Musical Dislikes: KnewMetal
Favorite LP Cover: Scorpions Animal Magnetism
Turn-ons: Ladies Who Love Beards, Sexy Nails, Marvel Dorks
Turn-offs: Women More Hairy Than Myself
If I Had $10 Million I Would… Declare Myself King of Somewhere
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