Well, we wouldn’t be Recycled Records without records, now would we? While many “record stores” don’t have much vinyl any more, we’re proud to say that almost half our store space is dedicated to records.  That’s more than 50,000 pieces of black (and other) plastic for your perusal! We have Northern Nevada’s largest selection of LPs and 45s in every category that your ears can imagine.  Plus, we take in 100’s of records every week! Please be specific in your requests- don’t ask “What Beatles do you have?”

We believe that in many cases, it’s better to have the record in less than mint shape than to not have it at all.  While we love mint records, unfortunately they don’t show as often as we’d like. We offer a listening station in the store to check out what you’re getting into.  Also, we price our records accordingly.  Most of our LPs are $3.50- $10 and we
offer quantity deals where you don’t have to spend $100+ to get a deal.



While catalog tape production has dropped significantly over the past few years, we've still got lots of 'em! We've got over 100s of rock tapes alone! All other music styles are represented accordingly. Most are STILL priced at our 1980 price of $3 each (unmarked) or 4 for $10(tax inclusive). We've also got a small(600-700) selection of 8 tracks (LOTS of good rock titles) and some Reel-to-reels


Recycled Records still has the largest selection of quality used compact discs in Northern Nevada, and have for many years. Most of our regular priced CDs are in the $5-$10 range (per disc).

If you buy any 2 regular priced full length CDs in stock, we'll knock off $2 and include the tax!!

Since our CDs are secondhand, we stand a better chance of getting that out-of-print CD that you've been hunting for. We've also got a nice selection of box sets, radio shows, promos, collectibles, and special editions. We take in an average of 200+ discs per week…

And if it's something we don't see come through often, we can order just about anything for only our cost plus a few bucks. While we have a distributor, we are not tied to them exclusively, and so can hunt the used markets of the world to get you what you want. So when the kid at the big box store tells you “We can't get that…”, get over to Recycled Records!

So, what are you looking for ? or call 775-826-4119


It doesn't suck!