We do a few other things at Recycled Records besides sell music and movies…


We currently use an “industrial strength” CD polisher to get all of those nasty scuffs and scrapes off of your well-used CDs, DVDs and Games. We can't do miracles, but our polisher is pretty damn good. We can usually give you an idea of whether a disc is repairable. $4 per disc. No quantity deals.


Recycled carries 3'x4′ full color nylon Tapestries in all types and styles from Bob Marley to Bettie Page, with Fantasy by Royo and Victoria Frances, and your favorite rock, punk, metal, or alternative bands!

Turntables and Record Supplies

We are now selling NEW regular and USB turntables for your home stereo or computer. We offer a nice Audio Technica USB Turntable that will work with your computer or stereo system. Sometimes we get a few used turntables or record players that show up, just call to find out what we've got. We carry the famous DISCWASHER record cleaning system, which you can't even get at a Best Buy! Call us for more details. We can help you find a replacement needle for your turntable. Make sure you have the manufacture and model number (I.E. Sony abc123). We also carry replacement cartridges for most standard turntables and record supplies like paper inner and plastic outer sleeves, record mailers, even dome adapters for 45s.

More Stuff

We carry Buttons and Magnets from the twisted folks at Ephemera.

It doesn't suck!