These deals are ALWAYS going on at Recycled:

  • Buy any 2 CDs and /or DVDs (or 1 of each) and we’ll knock off $2 and include the tax.
  • Buy any 4 cassettes and we’ll usually knock off a at least a buck and include the tax
  • Spend at least $20 on a few pieces of vinyl and we can usually do something to lessen the hurt…
  • Whenever you decide to go HOG WILD*, and get a LOT of stuff, you’ll get these deals to start with,  plus a little extra, depending on just what you’re getting.

Overstock CDs and DVDs

That’s stuff we’ve got too many copies of- are in our Sale Madness racks throughout the store and they are HALF OFF marked price!

  • Often good titles, we’ve just got too many of them and so they’re marked down to MOVE.
  • 2-fers apply, so you can get a couple of bangin’ titles for only $6 tax included!
  • More stuff is added to them regularly, so make sure you check ‘em out.

It doesn't suck!