These deals are ALWAYS going on at Recycled:

  • Buy any 2 CDs and /or DVDs (or 1 of each) and we’ll knock off $2 and include the tax.
  • Buy any 4 cassettes and we’ll usually knock off a at least a buck and include the tax
  • Spend at least $20 on a few pieces of vinyl and we can usually do something to lessen the hurt…
  • Whenever you decide to go HOG WILD*, and get a LOT of stuff, you’ll get these deals to start with,  plus a little extra, depending on just what you’re getting.

Sale Madness!!!

When we’ve got too much stuff, YOU get the deal!

Overstock CDs and DVDs

That’s stuff we’ve got too many copies of- are in our Sale Madness racks throughout the store and they are HALF OFF marked price!

  • Often good titles, we’ve just got too many of them and so they’re marked down to MOVE.
  • 2-fers apply, so you can get a couple of bangin’ titles for only $6 tax included!
  • More stuff is added to them regularly, so make sure you check ‘em out.

It doesn't suck!