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“Recycled Records It Doesn’t Suck….. Thank You Very Much.” You know the jingle. At Recycled Records, we have taken every opportunity to distil our personality and pour that into some creative commercials. Check out the retro section to see some of our oldest commercials. Explore the Growing/Shrinking section to see how we used “green-screen” tech to entertain you. No matter which section you explore you will find some classic Recycled Record’s commercials.

Recycled Records - It Doesnt Suck Campaign Thumbnail

It Doesn’t Suck Campaign

You know the jingle. Your mom knows the jingle. That guy over there, yeah that one, he knows the jingle. Check out this collection from our latest commercial campaign where we ask the public to give us their best. They did a great job. Promise. You’ll love it.

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Recycled Records - Muse Does Strange Things Thumbnail

Music Does Strange Things

The power of music can make people do crazy things. It can make them dance. Make them cry. Make them move. We know just the tracks that invoke these feelings. So we made some commercials. You’ll remember these from the late 90s to early 2000s.

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Recycyled Records - Growing Paul Thumbnail


Someone found a green screen. So we took advantage of that and made a few commercials for one of our old retail locations. So, which Paul do you like better? Big Paul? Or Tiny Paul?

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Recycled Records - Just The Facts Thumbnail

Just The Facts

Sometimes you just need a commercial to do good work and inform the public. Here is a big collection of those. They are still super entertaining and we know you will remember some of them. Maybe you’ll remember all of them.

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Recyled Records - Customer Relations Thumbnail

Customer Relations

We love our customers. But let them sample some tracks in store and it can lead to some interesting situations. These two videos are some of our favorites, and who couldn’t use some more cowbell.

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Recycled Records - Its a nice store Thumbnail

It’s A Nice Store

Before “It doesn’t suck” we used to say “We have a really nice store”. I mean, we do. Have you seen it? It’s really nice.

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Recycled Records - Retro Thumbnail


For a record store to call something retro means it must be retro. These commercials are as retro as Recycled Record commercials get. Just ask Randy and Joe.

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Recycled Records - In the News Thumbnail

Recycled Records In The News

We make it in the news sometimes. It’s pretty cool.

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Recycled Records - Shorties Thumbnail


Short videos get short descriptions.

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